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Ofer’s mission is to help you resolve physical, emotional and spiritual challenges. This is shamanic energy work that will not only clear and resolve existing issues, but will help you evolve your life to a new level of wellness and wholeness. The work is done through tracking the nature and root of your issues, typically at the subconscious level, and the removal of energies that “pull you down” from your field while showing you how to transform the connection you always have with divine assistance to a new level that allows you to feel so much more capable of handling whatever life throws at you. The result is a higher level of physical health, energy, and sense of well-being.

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Ofer's work as a spiritual consultant and energy healer is beyond description and effective. He has become a go-to referral for clients, friends, and family because of his near-miraculous specialties.

Cyndi DaleBest Selling Author

Working with Ofer has been a very liberating, empowering and rewarding experience. I have such profound gratitude for what Ofer has done for me.

W. YuIrvine, CA

Ofer is an attuned accelerator that is able to assist with empathy and effectiveness. Anyone would be lucky to work with him.


Ofer has helped me eliminate blocked energy which has encumbered me. His gentle and thoughtful ways allow so many shifts with great ease.


Ofer leads me through a compassionate and structured approach to clear deep sabotaging patterns, empowering me to retrieve my skills and innate wisdom.


So grateful to Ofer. His skills in working within the body are unparalleled. During sessions with him, I can feel the energy shifting and am always aware of a healthy difference afterward.

Dana ChildsGermany

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